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For all types of hosting Stream Service has a solution. If you do not immediately find a solution, please contact us, please clearly state your situation and we come up with a suitable solution.

PHP hosting

Stream Service offers multiple PHP hosting packages. For other and customized packages please contact us. All PHP hosting packages run on a cluster. We deliver within 10 minutes if you pay with your paypal account (other payment options are of course also acceptable).

PHP hosting packages

Diskspace 2,5 GiB 5 GiB 10 GiB 20 GiB
Including 1 free domainname
Traffic p/m 10 GiB 25 GiB 50 GiB 100 GiB
Price p/m € 10,- € 20,- € 30,- € 50,-

Diskspace 50 GiB 100 GiB 500 GiB 1000 GiB
Including 1 free domainname
Traffic p/m 200 GiB 500 GiB 1000 GiB 2000 GiB
Price p/m € 100,- € 200,- € 300,- € 500,-

Optional charges

If you use more than you purchase the following rates apply:

  • Overage traffic afterwards: € 2,50 euro per GB
  • Additional disk afterwards: € 5 euro per GB
  • Additional IP address (SSL): € 0,50 euro per IP


Below is a schematic representation of our cluster.

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Our support is always there for you! Please feel free to contact us by one of the following way:

Note: Before you contact us, please see our rates.
+31 (0)20 85 11 401