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For all types of hosting Stream Service has a solution. If you do not immediately find a solution, please contact us, please clearly state your situation and we come up with a suitable solution.

DNS hosting

Stream Service provide DNS hosting based on open source software. We have developed a special PowerDNS control panel that was released under GPLv2 license. Our name servers are located in three networks and three data centers across two countries. Once we believe is appropriate, we will add extra networks, data centers and/or countries.

DNS records

You can manage all the common records. The SOA record is automatically generated. If you miss a kind of DNS record type, we will add this to your panel (if PowerDNS supports it).

Automatic updates

On request we can add a check that updates your DNS records if a service does not work correctly. We will change the IP for an A record so your web site works for visitors. If your main server is unavailable or not working correctly visitors will not notice it.

White label

Our name servers are white label, it is not immediately obvious that we manage them for you. Additionally, you can create as many users and resellers as you wish.

DNS hosting packages

Domeinnames 10 50 100 500 1000
Templates 2 5 10 50 100
price p/m € 5,- € 20,- € 30,- € 125,- € 200,-

Optional charges

If you use more domainnames than you purchase the following rates apply:

  • Overuse > 10 domainnames € 10,-
  • Overuse > 50 domainnames € 40,-
  • Overuse > 100 domainnames € 60,-
  • Overuse > 500 domainnames € 250,-
  • Overuse > 1000 domainnames € 400,-

Link your own name servers

If you already have a name server somewhere, it can also be linked to our name servers. For this, it is important that this name server sends a notify to our name servers that allow AXFR. Known name servers that have this support are for example BIND, NAMED and PowerDNS.
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Our support is always there for you! Please feel free to contact us by one of the following way:

Note: Before you contact us, please see our rates.
+31 (0)20 85 11 401