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For all types of hosting Stream Service has a solution. If you do not immediately find a solution, please contact us, please clearly state your situation and we come up with a suitable solution.


Stream Service also offers the possibility to colocate your own server. This means that your server is psychical located in our datacenter and that we provide stable power and fast Internet connection. In this case you don't need to spent money for switches, routers and other required expensive equipment. Also Stream Service own all the knowledge for hosting fast en secure servers. The only thing to do is maintain your own server (software and hardware). Of course, you can also outsource this to us. Your server will hosted in the Gyrocenter Data Centre in Amsterdam.

At a colocation, we provide the following by a default package:

  • 1 power connection.
  • Power cable.*
  • 0,5A poweruse is included.
  • 1 powerswitch connection(1000 Mbit).
  • Network cable.*
  • 24/7 emergency number, you will receive a number that you can call if there is a problem regarding access 24/7 and you can call within the hours of your SLA.
* Owned by Stream Service.

Colocate Packages

Rackspace 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u
Traffic p/m 100 GiB 500 GiB 1000 GiB 2500 GiB 5000 GiB
IP addresses 1 1 1 1 1
Price p/m € 59,- € 99,- € 149,- € 249,- € 349,-
Setup fee € 50,- € 50,- € 50,- € 50,- € 50,-

Colocate Opties

For all VPS packages the following conditions apply in addition to the general conditions:
Extra network connection: € 5,- p/d
Extra power use: based on subsequent calculation
Extra rackspace: € 25,- p/m per U
Control panel DirectAdmin: € 8,- pm per licence
Managed (virtual) firewall: € 25,- p/m
Daily backup (incl. 100GB diskspace): € 25,- month
Extra diskspace for backups: € 1,- p/m per GB
Extra traffic in advance: € 0,05 per GB
Extra traffic afterwards: € 0,25 per GB
Data traffic in mbit is on request stated above, that's of course possible
Contractperiod 12 months (other periods in consultation possible)
Payment by 1 , 3 , 6 or 12 months

Managing / SLA:
Regular management *** : € 50 , - p/m
SLA Bronze (8x5xNBD) + regular management***: € 75,- p/m
SLA Zilver (12x5x4)+ regular management***: € 150,- p/m
SLA Gold (24x7x4)+ regular management***: € 300,- p/m
SLA Platinum (24x7x1)+ regular management***: € 500,- p/m
Other SLA variants are also available on request, please contact us.

*** Regular maintenance is not available with Windows, management is available on an hourly basis and for a fixed p/m is also an agreement (the price depends on your usage). The SLAs apply within Windows environments by default to the operating system and existing programs (unless additional arrangements are made​​).

*** Regular management is only available for Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 10.4, regular management on Linux systems is performed by certified individuals. The certification is done by Linux Professional Institute ( an internationally recognized organization for Linux certification.
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Note: Before you contact us, please see our rates.
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